Lucy Storrs

Artist Lucy Storrs

Lucy Storrs' obsession with wool fibres as a painting medium begun whist growing up on a hill farm on the Dartmoor National Park, Devon. Her imagination would run riot with the fields and moors that she roamed upon. Lucy's sensitivity to nature is very apparent in her work from the wild expressive landscape to her life affirming aerial seascapes. Lucy's work is an ode to the astonishing array and breath of life on the planet. She often likes to include a little figure in her work, not only to give a sense of perspective but also as reminder of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things yet so consequential with our actions.

Lucy is self-taught, feeling some of the best lessons in life come from the most serendipitous and unlikely of places. Her art takes a lot of people by surprise with its wonderful textural vibrancy and 3D quality and is best viewed in person to fully appreciate. Her work is sort after by collectors from all over the world.

Lucy spends her time working between London and the Devon and Yorkshire coast.

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