Louisa Boyd

Artist Louisa Boyd

Louisa is a multi-talented artist who works in printmaking, sculpture and painting. She started her professional arts career developing a series of paper sculptures that used bookbinding techniques to support their structures. These artist’s books gained recognition with awards at the early stages in her career. She has since established a reputation producing a mixture of intricate etchings, screenprints, and collages that rely on sacred geometry for their structure using the elements of mathematics. More recently, she expanded into painting in acrylic & watercolour and has developed a distinct signature style of semi-abstract landscapes that give a sense of flowing harmony with nature.

Louisa’s work has been incorporated into a number of publications and also included in both national and international public collections with pieces held at King St Stephen Museum, Hungary, Baylor University, Texas, USA, The Grosvenor Museum, Chester, UK and Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK. Recent successes have seen her gain further recognition through exhibitions selected by prestigious juried panels and showing her work alongside some of the most well-established and respected names in contemporary art.

Shortlisted for the John Ruskin prize in 2017 and having been selected for exhibition on numerous occasions for the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, Louisa continues to make paintings, prints, artist’s books and paper sculptures. She recently received a prestigious scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) to further develop her printmaking in large-scale etchings.

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