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Polychromatic Dusk


By Louisa Boyd

Etching, framed

Size: H78 x W106 x D8cm


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Polychromatic Dusk is inspired by the connection Plato made between the Platonic solids and the elements of nature. The piece uses triangles of prints and papers folded to give the appearance of a tetrahedron. The subtle colour changes are used to create the association with fire and flames and warmth from the natural world but the piece also draws inspiration from changing tonal blends that can be seen in skies and waters. These pieces are created from collected off-cuts of my sculptural works and therefore contain a huge range of different printed and marbled papers. The individual triangles of paper for this piece were selected to demonstrate the gentle tonal blends that can be seen at dusk and twilight and each triangle is hand cut and folded to give it three dimensional qualities. The avoidance of waste in the work helps to highlight an environmental message through the piece whilst considering our connection to the nature. These works benefit significantly from being displayed using a directional light and any collector purchasing the work should be advised to look at this when choosing how to show it in their own space.

This work comes in a black background and wooden frame.

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