Constellation 11
  • Constellation 11

Constellation 11


By Louisa Boyd

Etching, unique varied edition

Size: H70 x H100 cm


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The inspiration for these pieces is based around cartography. Louisa uses tools that map makers would have worked with to achieve tone and variation. The results are abstract map-like prints. Depending on the colours used, they allude to celestial star charts, or maps of the sea or land. As with all of my work, ideas around navigating place and finding our own sense of place underpin the outcomes. The pieces are made using copper plates etched with ferric chloride and often use prints from more than one plate layered on top of each other, with the bottom plate inked up in both intaglio and relief and the top, detail plate registered on top of this first print. Works are mostly made in varied editions, where different colour groups are explored and successful delicate ghost prints are also included in the editions.

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