Sampada Gurung

Artist Sampada Gurung

Sampada Gurung is an illustrator and ceramist born in Nepal but now based in London. After graduating from Falmouth University with a BA in Illustration, she was drawn to ceramics and stated developing a professional reputation in that field. She eventually found herself as a contestant in Channel 4's The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 3.

Using her skillsets in both illustration and ceramics, Sampada has developed a unique style to her works that straddles the flat surface and voluminous space as she explores the surreal human form and its associated emotions and symbolism. Her distinctive drawings feed into her ceramic art while her 3D work in turn influences her capacious proportions in her 2D art. In essence, this symbiotic relationship between 2D and 3D is what gives her work its idiosyncratic nuances.

Sampada is the founder of The Slightly Curious Studio based in North London where she runs life drawing sessions and pottery classes in addition to developing and creating her own art. All classes and workshops are designed to encourage and inspire people to be curious and to make creativity accessible to everyone. Essentially, her artistic raison d'être is to feed the curiosity and creativity will follow…

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