David Winston

Photographer David Winston

Photographer David Winston was born in Los Angeles, moved to the UK in 1970 and travels extensively with his camera. Like many artists, he has been drawn to the city of Venice as a constant source of inspiration. His work often juxtaposes the urban buzz of London and the mystical magic of Venice with his often evocative and atmospheric images.

"The two major elements of magic and emotion are the driving forces behind my photography.The camera is a completely objective observer, simply recording everything the lens sees, rather than filtering it through our individual human perceptions. The use of alternative photo processes allows me to work with the more painterly aspects of photography - to portray what I see in a more subjective way.  The art for me is to produce a photograph that engages our imagination"

David studied film and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, then Landscape Architecture in university. He became interested and trained in antique piano restoration and is now one of the most sought-after musical instrument restorers in the world with a Royal Warrant by appointment to HM the Queen as Restorers and Conservators of Pianos. In between traveling around the world restoring the piano's of Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt, he reignited his passion in photography. Being a musician and an instrument restorer has had a great influence on his photography as he sees photography as musical composition giving different emotional impact and tonality to the captured image through various process. He now divides his time between London and Venice with his work as well as exhibiting in both the UK and Italy with numerous exhibitions in Venice, Genoa, and the UK.

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