Illuminated Elements
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Illuminated Elements


By Louisa Boyd

Etching & marbled paper, framed

Size: H80 x W80 x D8cm


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The works in this paper sculpture series consider ideas around belonging and a sense of place, using the symbols of the elements to describe our connection to the natural, physical world. Map-like abstract imagery helps to suggest the idea of navigation to its audience. Traditional methods such as acid etching and hand marbling allude to belonging from a historical context; they consider a sense of belonging that takes place from cultural heritage. Elements Collected is inspired by the connection Plato made between the Platonic solids and the elements of nature suggesting that the tetrahedron connected with fire, the octahedron with air, the cube with earth, the icosahedron with water and the dodecahedron with aether. The individual sculptures are made either from original etching prints or marbled paper. The etchings are made using copper plates that are drawn into, etched in ferric chloride and then printed by hand on a traditional-style press. They often use more than one plate printed on top of each other to create the end result and can be inked up with multiple colours. The hand marbled paper is created by floating inks on top of a mix of carageenan gel into a pattern. Paper is then used to lift the inks off the gel, making each piece of marbling completely unique. The papers are then flattened and dried ready to create sculptural works from. Once the composition of the overall piece has been considered, each of the shapes is scored into the selected paper, hand cut and constructed in to the geometric forms then attached to a back board ready for framing.

This work comes in a black background and wooden frame.

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