Map Controller Character
  • Map Controller Character
  • Map Controller Character

Map Controller Character


By Damilola Odusote

3D printed figure; pen on paper framed

Size: W25 x H25 x D5cm


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From humble beginnings copying comics in the playground in Tilbury Essex, Damilola's art has evolved as he has become successful in web design, graphic design, dance, fashion, illustration, and fine art. Since moving to London, the city buzz provides him with ‘ammunition’ for his art. Damilola is very prolific and produces his art straight to paper from images in his head. Quirky and exquisite details are the hallmarks of his artworks, as are his incorporations of unusual materials into his works.

This is a further development of Damilola's work where he has added another element with a 3D figure of his much-loved character giving this work an extra dimension. In this work, his character plays the controller of London's train and rail system.

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