• Resilience
  • Resilience



By Marit Geraldine Bostad

Acrylic on glass, framed

Size: H52 x W52 x D4cm 


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Marit explores the themes that are central to her artistic endeavours - the inner psyche, memories and human interaction. She blends her colours by pouring paint directly onto the canvas using a variety of tools, seldom using the paint brush - to create diverse, versatile effects, resulting in broad expressive strokes whose vibrant colour emanates from the surface. She expands the Nordic Colour tradition in a bold new direction, blending tone to tone pastels with sparks of fluorescent and manifesting her own personal psychic state onto the canvas.

This work is a continuation of Marit's exploration into how interpersonal relationships and conversations evolved before, during and after the pandemic. In this new glass series, she delves into her personal life to explore conversations of the past through her memories. In the process, she confronts her challenging upbringing caused by mental health issues on her maternal side that has deeply scarred her childhood and continues to affect her life. Her one salvation was the presence of her grandmother, who provided the semblance of a home and haven to the frantic family life. As a tribute to her grandmother, Marit has created her most personal work to date to commemorate the “gifts” her grandmother has bestowed, symbolised by her strong views on living harmoniously in nature.

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