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By Sampada Gurung

Digital drawing giclée print

Size: A3 H30 x W42 & A4 H21 x W30cm

Limited Edition of 100 (A3) & 20 (A4)

Print Size: A3 H30 x W42

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Sampada's work explores human emotions, state of mind and the complex relationship we have with our own self and life. Each work has different feelings she wants to convey while encouraging viewers to find their own meaningful connection to what they see and feel. Her figures are ambiguous and have no defined gender and represent different parts of an individual to form a narrative that is free to interpretations. The red flower wrapping the figures is a reoccurring theme and represents the thread that connects us to the people we encounter. It is the thread of our own desires and fate that binds us. The flowers are symbols of growth that come from each moment and experience that allows the emotion to overflow.

"This will hurt me more than you" explores the complex nature of human emotions and the difficulty of letting go of a relationship and cutting the connection between lovers. The figures trapped inside the heart that is half empty is a metaphor for the complex nature of a relationship that blinds us and traps us in a state of despair knowing it has to end. It questions the veracity of hurt and pain of the person letting go by cutting the thread that binds them together and the person holding on to the connection.

Hurt is available in A3 size printed on Somerset Fine Art paper and A4 on a special Nepali textured off-white beige paper.

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